The Festival “The Way to the Future” held with the Support from the Charitable Fund of “Aversi”

The Festival “The Way to the Future” held with the Support from the Charitable Fund of “Aversi”

Upon the initiative of the intercultural relations fund and with the participation of 50 children of different nationalities there was held the festival “The Way to the Future” for celebrating the International Day of Solidarity. The sponsor of the event, the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” presented gifts to the participants. “The festival has been held with the participation of the representatives of ethnic minorities. This is the eighth festival held in the world. We have invited several ensembles and talented children of different nationalities from all over Georgia who have made this day unforgettable. We wish more representatives of ethnical minorities took part in this festival in future.”- pointed out the chairman of the intercultural relations fund Dalila Goroshidze. There has been also established the studio “Future Stars” by the intercultural relations fund. The US embassy has also expres

sed solidarity to this event:

-“The festival “The Way to the Future” delivers a kind of message to our society, saying that all nationalities on our planet must have equal rights. Little artists taking part in our festival sing and dance amazingly. These children are our future. They were given the opportunity o

The sponsors and the guests of the festival were: the US embassy cultural attaché Mrs. Lola Petrova, the international fund “Nadejda” (rus.: надежда) and public policy institute. Azerbaijanian, Armenian ensembles, solo singers and vocal ensembles took part in the festival.f showing their talent and make this event unforgettable. We intend to organize similar events in the future and those who like our activity, may join us. I’d like to thank the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” for the gifts presented to the children.”

-“I am pleased that the art of different cultures and the expression of solidarity has gathered us together today. I’d like to thank the intercultural relations fund, the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” , the guests and the participants of the festival. It is a pleasure that such events are held; the representatives of different cultures get acquainted and make friends. The US embassy will present books to all participants. It must be very interesting for the children.”- pointed out the US embassy cultural attaché.

The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” provided the participants of the festival with care products and vitamin sets. “Aversi” cares about the health and peace of mind of every citizen.