The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” Supports Children with Medicines

The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” Supports Children with Medicines

On the 12th of November upon the initiative of the non-governmental organization “The Caucasian Synergy”, there was held the charitable event “My amazing month of Giorgoba” (geo.: "ჩემი მშვენიერი გიორგობის თვე"). The above-mentioned organization was founded on the 5th of August 2011 and since that time it has implemented a lot of charitable projects.

The head of the project Lika Meburidze has founded an amazing tradition: in November on her birthday day she organizes a holiday; however, not for herself, but for little children who seldom have holidays and entertainment. This year the event has been held with the s

upport from the Charitable Fund of “Aversi”. The pupils of #177 public school were taken to Rustaveli cinema for watching an animated film. Afterwards they ate ice-cream and cakes and received the set of medicines from “Aversi”.

-“The Caucasian Synergy” is a charitable organization that cares about problematic children. We try to help children with cerebral palsy and those who depend on dialysis in overcoming certain everyday difficulties; make them feel that they are not alone and are surrounded by love and c

are. Nowadays love and generosity are in shortage. There are often cases of suicide in teenagers; they can’t solve problems with parents and teachers… They have a lot of questions, but can’t receive answers. The aim of this event is to make our society pay proper attention to the children. Besides, it is a pleasure for me to organize such a good event on my birthday day. This time we have selected children from large families and those from the families below the poverty line. We host 50 children today. They will remember this holiday for a long time. We are pleased to be supported by “Aversi”, “Tolia” and Rustaveli cinema theatre. This is the second time the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” supports us in organizing similar events. Thank you very much!”

“My Amazing Month of Giorgoba 3” was held with the support from the non-governmental organization, association “Women’s Unity”. As the head of the organization pointed out, Lika Meburidze is the founder of a lot of good traditions:

-“She has managed to organize such a great holiday without any financial assistance and grants.  With the support from “Aversi” she provided needed medicines to the children. We revived and filled this day with joy and positive emotions. Join us and express solidarity to the organizers.”

Maka Chkheidze who is a math teacher at #177 public school, accompanied the children to the cinema:

-“The organization “The Caucasian Synergy” asked us to select children from large and socially vulnerable families. The children will remember this day for a long time. We’ d like to thank the NGO, Mrs. Lika and the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” and all those companies that have participated in this event. I am pleased that there are people, organizations and charitable funds caring about children.”

The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” wishes you health and peace of mind!