Medications at Aversi became significantly cheaper

Medications at Aversi became significantly cheaper

  • 2020-10-07

A few months ago, company "Aversi" launched a project of a personal pharmacy shelf: you choose ten types of medications and for a month you get a special discount on them every day, and after a month you can update the list of selected products.

The pharmacy shelf is very convenient for those who have chronic diseases and regularly take this or that medication. But the pandemic and economic fluctuations have affected many families in Georgia and made it difficult to buy medications even with such benefits.

"Aversi" believes that the private sector should stand by the population so that everyone would be able to take care of their health even in these difficult times. That is why "Aversi" has made medications even cheaper and more affordable.

 Aversi has the lowest prices every day, because your health is our main concern.