“Aversi” and “Aversi-Rational” took part in a presentation dedicated to innovations

“Aversi” and “Aversi-Rational” took part in a presentation dedicated to innovations

  • 2017-10-06

From September 29 to October 1 Batumi hosted a scientific conference called "Future Technologies and Quality of Life". The conference was held within the framework of the subprogram “Higher Education Support” at Education, Culture and Sport Ministry of Adjara. Among the organizers were Tbilisi State Medical University, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, LLC “BAU International University Batumi” and Georgian Pharmacists Association.

“Aversi” and “Aversi-Rational” became the diamond sponsors of the conference.

270 representatives from more than 10 countries took part in the conference. (Georgia, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland and others). Doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists and academics listened to hundred and thirty reports and presentation.

One of the organizers of the event, the head of pharmaceutical technology department of Tbilisi State Medical University, Professor Aleko Bakuridze shared his impressions:

-  The conference aimed to familiarizing with future technologies that will increase the quality of life and with its help, timely detection and prevention, effective and safe treatment of diseases will be possible. These technologies are based on the knowledge of genetic research, traditional medicine, cellular, biomedical and also achievements in nanotechnology. This is the way that the life science is leading us.

One of the leading topics of the conference was education and its importance for improving the quality of life. A teleconference was also a part of the presentation. A training for the specialists employed in the medical labs of Adjara was held within the framework of the event. Information about the conference is widely spread in the international space. The record of the event will also be uploaded on Google Scholar, which will allow participants to present their works on international level.

Lali Dateshidze, Manager of Aversi Training Program, presented an interesting report at the conference:

-  My work was about the pharmacotherapy of the hemorrhoid disease accompanied with irritable intestine syndrome, In particular, the effectiveness of the medicine Flebil. The fact is that there is a not very rare connection between hemorrhoid disease and irritated intestinal syndrome, which is the basis of close interdependence of the causes and symptoms of these two conditions. Irritated intestinal syndrome has a very interesting pathophysiological mechanism, which was recently studied by Chinese scientists. According to the study, mast cell stabilization may be a potential therapeutic target of irritated intestinal syndrome. The vegetative components - flavonoids, which are included in the Flebil, have a special effect on the function and stabilization of mast cells.

The presentation caused great interest among the attendees. The reporter answered all the questions. Elene Tsitsilashvili, Head of Technological Department of "Aversi-Rational", spoke about the necessity of introduction of GMP (Good manufacturing practice) standard in the country, which is one of the conditions for ensuring high quality of life for citizens.

"Aversi-Rational" from the day of foundation works in correspondence with the European GMP standard. The company is constantly upgrading the quality system to correspond to the new requirements of the standard. In order to improve the quality of medicines and export of Georgian products, it is necessary to harmonize and implement European GMP and ICH (the international council for harmonization).

The conference was accompanied by discussions, debates and dialogues. Future plans about the joint projects were also made.