Modernized “Aversi” pharmacy was opened on V. Pshavela Avenue

Modernized “Aversi” pharmacy was opened on V. Pshavela Avenue

  • 2017-09-14

Pharmaceutical chain “Aversi” held a presentation of another modernized pharmacy on V. Pshavela Avenue #39, on September 13. Festive mood was provided by wonderful decor, fireworks and a lot of surprises for the guests.

As the founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze noted, it’s already been 20 years that the company has constantly been expanding, opening new pharmacies and providing the population with comfortable services, huge variety of products and affordable prices.

- The most important thing for us is that the customers feel comfortable in “Aversi” pharmacies, to choose the products easily and to receive the needed information about the product. That’s why we modernize our pharmacies and create stylish, sophisticated and at the same time comfortable interior. We hope that our loyal customers stay satisfied with the novelty, "said Mr. Paata.

According to the head of “Aversi” pharmaceutical chain, Mr. Gia Chigogidze, nowadays the chain has 229 pharmacies. 104 of them are in Tbilisi and 125 are in the region:

- However, because of the huge demand from the population, our chain is constantly expanding and adding new pharmacies. We also keep modernizing the existing ones. The buildings are completely being reconstructed: the hall is expanding, the interior, floor, ceiling and lightning are being changed and renovated. We are trying to make everything thoroughly comfortable. Besides, we constantly offer discounts, promotions and surprises to the customers. I’m sure you will always find the desired products in our pharmacies at a reasonable price.

In the modernized pharmacy of “Aversi”, consumers will have a wide range of medicines, a variety of healing and decorative cosmetics, a variety of choices for baby nutrition and care, products for mouth, hair and skin care. According to the manager, Lia Tsiklauri, the pharmacy has all the conditions for the customers to find the desired products – there are comfortably placed islands in the hall and the products are arranged by brand and purpose, the prices are also indicated. The perfect team of eleven people is ready to serve each customer faithfully.

All the customers and guests at the presentation received a set of the products from “Aversi”. However, such surprises has become a tradition for "Aversi":  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, there is a 25% discount on every product and also there is an everyday 40% discount on the most demandable medications. You will receive an additional discount with Mtredi Card.

We talked to the gusts at the presentation.

Singer Nato Metonidze is a loyal customer and a big supporter of “Aversi”:

- It’s not an accident that the anthem of “Aversi”, written by Nikoloz Ratchveli was sang by me. It’s a pleasure to me that now I’m connected with my work to the company that I support. The success of "Aversi" makes me happy and I wish you a lot of loyal customers.

Journalist Eka Amiredjibi congratulated “Aversi” with the new pharmacy:

- We saw a huge, bright hall and a wonderful interior. The atmosphere creates a feeling of trust and reliability which I think is very important. “Aversi” always has a high quality products but I just have to mention the Italian brand Mesauda, which is distinguished not only with high quality, but also with affordable prices.

"Aversi" continues modernizing pharmacies and offers the lowest prices, promotions, a lot of innovations and surprise every day.