"Aversi" to restore Borjomi Forest

  • 2017-05-23

In 2008, a fire broke out in the Borjomi forest and it covered a total area of 950 hectares. About 250 hectares of forest was completely destroyed. Today, the damaged area can’t be renewed naturally. For complete rehabilitation of the forest human intervention is necessary.

Company “Aversi” gladly took part in this glorious case. Come together to save Borjomi forest! – A campaign under this slogan is carried out by BIA (Business Information Agency) and Startup “Treepex”. “Aghadgine.ge” is allowing everyone, every person or organization to easily get involved in this campaign with the help of the internet. The campaign has a great aim - completely restore the Borjomi forest.

"Aversi" did not take only virtual participation in the restoration of the forest and arrived in the village of Daba, Borjomi to plant saplings on May 20.

Lali Bregvadze, Head of Advertising and PR Department of “Aversi”:

- “Aversi” is a company of high responsibility and always participates in similar activities. As soon as our company learned about this amazing campaign it was immediately decided to purchase 500 saplings. The staff of "Aversi" arrived in the village of Daba and symbolically planted some saplings. I think that the whole nation should get involved in this campaign, everyone should plant at least one tree to save the beautiful nature of the Borjomi Gorge.

Bacho Khachidze, Founder of “Aghadgine.ge”:

- “Aghadgine.ge” is an innovative and technological decision of tree planting. We aimed to completely restore the damaged territory of Borjomi. With the help of an electronic platform, anyone can plant a tree with a single click. Nowadays, in only two weeks up to 24 thousand saplings have been planted. Up to 2 thousand individuals and more than 100 companies got involved in the campaign.

Tamar Zamtaradze, organizer of the company “Aghadgine.ge”:

- Aversi" is one of the first companies involved in this campaign. We have a great aim - 750 thousand trees to plant. This is the number needed for the full restoration. Everyone’s involvement is very important. I hope that we will be able to successfully complete this work with our united strength.