“Aversi” ceremonially closed the 2016 year

“Aversi” ceremonially closed the 2016 year

  • 2017-02-07

The employees of “Aversi” gathered for the fourth time in order to assess the past year, to reveal the best employees and to encourage them. The corporate party was held on the 21st of January, in the club-restaurant “Triumph”.

The founder of the company, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze wished a happy 2017 year to the employees of “Aversi”:

-We will have to work harder next year. I want to thank everyone who with their hard work and professionalism contributed to the success of the company and our country not only in 2016, but through the last 22 years. I hope 2017 is even more successful for your professional activities as well as for your private lives.

Another veteran employee of “Aversi”, one of the initiators of the idea of “Aversi”, Mr. Nikoloz Kurtanidze also wished a Happy New Year and Epiphany to the employees of “Aversi”:

-The first days of the New Year are very important for the human life. It’s the time for evaluation and re-evaluation, planning the new activities… It’s been years since “Aversi” in no longer a one family activity. Our work is a work of the whole country so our labor has become a very risky activity.

Employees of “Aversi”, Ia Akhalaia and Nikoloz Purtseladze hosted the party and they made the environment even more cozy and comfortable.

Traditionally, rewarding the best employees began with the pharmacists.  The winners of the first place were rewarded with a trip abroad, the winners of the second and third place – with money prizes.

Nino Tskifuri from “Trialeti” pharmacy, Ia Kvaratskhelia from “Bacho” and Nino arveladze from “Khetagurovi” (I, II, III places) were named as the most smiling pharmacists.

Lali Bolkvadze from “Gldani Mall”, Neno Maisuradze from “Vera” and Khatuna Bibilashvili from “Zedazen” were named as the most generous pharmacists.

Elza Fochkhua from “Fazisi”, Inga Mujiri from “Vake Park” and Tea Kapanadze from “Varketili” were named as the most professional pharmacists.

Tornike Makharashvili from “Gvirila” was named as the best newcomer pharmacist of the year, Asmat Ramazanashvili from “Kazbegi” was named as the best newcomer manager.

Irina Migineishvili from “Qartvelishvili”, Tatia Tskhvediani from “Eristavi” and Malkhaz Shatakishvili from “Phillips” were named as the best managers of the year.

“Clinic”, “Gldani Mall” and “Aramiants” were named as the best pharmacies.

Galaqtion Lagvilava was named as the best head manager of the pharmacy network, Irina Mamulashvili – the best consultant, Elene Jikidze was named as the best employee of the accounting department.

Tamar Naskidashvili became “Miss Aversi Pharmacy 2016”.

After rewarding the pharmacy staff it was the turn for the employees of the Georgian pharmaceutical factory – “Aversi-Rational”.

Irma Tevdorashvili was named as the most friendly employee, Irakli Chichinadze was named as the most collegial employee, Darejan Demetrashvili – the most hard working employee, Khatia Iluridze – the most professional, Medea Chabukiani – the most elegant.

Irma Chkaidze was named as the best employee of the factory, Maka Mirotadze- the best employee of the laboratory, Natalia Gudushairi – the Ten-year employee.

Accounting department was named as the best department of “Aversi-Rational”.

Nino Mukbanian became Miss “Aversi-Rational”.

Liana Lomtadze from the “Rustavi 2” pharmacy was named as the most generous pharmacist from the regions. Lali Tsikhelashvili (“Bolnisi”) was named as the most generous employee, Nino Imerlishvili (Telavi 2) - the most professional.

Team of “Gori-2” was named as the most unanimous team, “Lagodekhi-2” – the most ambitious team. Shorena Azarashvili from “Marneuli-2” was named as the best manager.

“Marneuli 1” and “Kvareli” were named as the best pharmacies. Zaza Phaniashvili from “Gori 2” was named as the best security, Lia Rekviashvili from “Marneuli 2” – the best parapharmacy consultant. The regional director of the Telavi pharmacies – Koba Iordanishvili was awarded for the exceptional contribution to the advancement of “Aversi”.

And the final nominations were dedicated to “Aversi-Pharma”:

Tamar Baramia was named as the best operator, Ketevan Gogolashvili – the most disciplined, Miranda Rukhadze – the most punctual, Teimuraz Kurtanidze – the best member of the transportation department, Otar Beruashvili – the best employee of the warehouse, Shota Lomidze – the best representative of Omron, Giorgi Lursmanashvili – the best employee of the IT department, Nino Babulaidze – the best employee of the legal department, Goderdzi Gverdtsiteli – the best employee of the internal audit service, Lali Dateshidze – the best employee of the human resources management service, Lasha Pirtskhalishvili – the best agricultural manager.

The marketing nominations were the following:

The best debut – Tamta Bibiashvili, the best representatives in the regions: Manana Darchia, Inga Khozrevanidze, Ekaterina Shamugia, Giorgi Kirtskhalia, Guranda Changelia, Bela Chaduneli, Tinatin Megreladze, Khatia Gviniashvili, Kakha Silagadze, Nino Kakushadze, Irina Betlemidze, Nino Khaziuri; The most friendly – Manana Meishvili; The best author of the seminar – Natia Ekvtimishvili, Generator of ideas - Nino Mghvdliashvili; The most academic - Irina Pkhaladze; The most elegant - Nino Modebadze; The most hardworking – Tea Janjgava; The most sociable – Tamar Gelashvili; The most ambitious - Ani Kipiani; The best product manager – Tea Kvirkvelia; The most professional – Sopio Marjanishvili; The best medical representatives in Tbilisi - Lali Ivanishvili, Irma Iremadze, Natia Natsvlishvili, Nona Katamadze, Naira Balakhashvili.

The third marketing group was named as the best groupof the year. Wife of the founder of “Aversi”, Nino Charkhalashvili named “Miss Aversi 2016”. This title was awarded to Tamar Aburjania.

Giorgi Sukhitashvili, Ani Kekua, Dato Gomarteli and “Goofy Land” performed at the party.