Special gift for mothers from “Aversi”

Special gift for mothers from “Aversi”

  • 2016-12-16

“Aversi” often pampers its customers with discounts and surprises. This time the company prepared a special gift for mothers: become a "Mothers' Club” member, receive a special card and get discounts intended just for you in “Aversi” pharmacies and clinics, insurance company “Alpha” and in partner organizations of “Aversi”, in shops and beauty salons, children's entertainment centers and perfume shops ...

The presentation of the new project was held in “Biltmore” hotel, on the 15th of December. Mothers of large families, Georgian show-business stars, journalists and representatives of the subsidiary clinics of “Aversi” were among the guests. The guests were introduced to the project in details:

“Mother’s Card” owners get an additional discount in “Aversi” pharmacies. The discounts vary and depend on the extent and stability of the purchase of each customer. The customers can view the discounts any time at the “Mothers’ Club” website: www.dedebisklubi.ge

They get a special proposals which won’t depend on the amount of money spent on the purchase.

They will benefit from the deals in the subsidiary companies of “Aversi”:

Free therapist consultation and 30% discount on the gynecologist consultation in the Isani, Bogdan Khmelnitski, Rustavi, Marneuli and Gori branches of “Aversi-Clinic”, also in the hospital network “Medalpha”;

Up to 40% discount in the cosmetology room of the Isani branch of “Aversi-Clinic”;

30% discount on laser epilation in the Bogdan Khmelnitsky branch of “Aversi-Clinic”;

Free specialists consultation and 15% discount on any service in the Rehabilitation Therapy Center of “Aversi-Clinic”;

Free therapist and gynecologist consultations in the maternity hospital “New Life”, and also free access to the “Parents School” lessons for pregnant women;

Free gynecologist consultation in the National surgery Center and in the network of ambulatory centers “Medcapital”, where they can get a free cervical screening.

10% discount on any product of the insurance company “Alpha”.

“Mother’s Card” owners get special offers from the partner companies of “Aversi”: hardware stores "Alta-OK"; Chain of perfume shops "Voulez-Vous"; Watches and jewelry shops TIME and PANDORA; Eyewear store “Safilo”; Chain of beauty salons "Natali”; Toy stores “Pepela”; Children's Furniture Store "Caploonba"; Children's entertainment center "Biblus Kids"; Italian Café “Ci Gusta”; Travel company “Liberty Tour” and others. You can find the complete list of the companies at the “Mothers’ Club” website.

-Our goal is to help all the mothers in Georgia to raise their children. This way they won’t lose the motivation of having many children and raising decent generation for our country- noted the founder of “Aversi” Mr. Paata Kurtanidze.

Head of the Public Relations Department of “Aversi”, Lali Bregvadze noted that “Aversi” has a huge social responsibility and this new project also has a social objectives:

-We wanted to launch a helpful and pleasant project for mothers. Every woman who presents her ID card and her child’s birth certificate will become an owner of the “Mother’s Card” and will be able to benefit from various discounts. Partners and friend companies of “Aversi” are also involved in this project.

Mothers have always been treated with specific respect in Georgia. This is the way it should be – the society should express respect towards mothers, especially towards the mothers of large families. I want to thank each one of them for rising such amazing generation for our country.

The idea of the “Mothers’ Club” belongs to the marketing manager of “Aversi”, Tata Dgebuadze:

-The new project includes additional sale on almost all the production presented in the “Aversi” pharmacies, as well as sale and free consultations in “Aversi” medical facilities and partner organizations. The project doesn’t function only in the capital – “Aversi” also has clinics and pharmacies in the regions.

We want the mothers to feel that we care about them, show them that we appreciate their merit and that raising a healthy generation is very important for our country.

Guests shared their opinions about the new initiative of “Aversi”:

Nanuka Jhorjholiani, journalist:

-Company “Aversi” is a friend of mine. This company never says no to charity. This project proved that the marketing team of “Aversi” perfectly understands what is best for us and for our children.

Manika Asatiani, model:

-I was fascinated by today's event. This project presented by “Aversi” offers mothers amazing opportunities. I got curious and decided to look up the detail information at the web site. I'm sure I will be an active user of this card.

Nanuka Khazaradze, TV presenter:

-The most precious thing that a mother has is her child. It’s nice when you feel that you and your child are cared for. I think the new project is an excellent opportunity for disease prevention and health improvement.

Eka Kajaia, mother of 6 children:

The project of helping large families launched by “Aversi” is one of the best projects ever and also it serves the national interests. The new initiative aims to appreciate mothers, support them and to lighten up their life burdens. I want to thank this company for the generosity and kindness that every mother feels from them.

Sophio Kvashilava, mother of 11 children:

-We appreciate the attention and support we get from “Aversi” because this is exactly what we need the most. “Aversi” is the only company that pampers us so much.

Amazing prizes were drawn at the presentation and the little guests had an opportunity to take part in a drawing contest, where they had to draw their mommies. Five-year-old Anita Jiniuzashvili and Victoria Richko were named as the winners and were awarded with special prizes.