A modernized new branch of “Aversi-Clinic” was opened in Isani region

A modernized new branch of “Aversi-Clinic” was opened in Isani region

  • 2016-05-05

On the 5th of May a presentation of the new Isani branch of “Aversi-Clinic” was held on Navtlugi Street 11/13. “Aversi-clinic” in Isani has been functioning from 2011, though the increasing number of patients led to the need of expanding and upgrading the clinic.

Everyone who at least once has used “Aversi” services agrees that high quality, qualified staff and modern equipment has always been a priority of this company. Isani branch is not an exception and it’s equipped with modern European, American and Japanese medical technologies and also is staffed only with professionals. The clinic stands out with nice atmosphere and excellent interior. All in all, we have everything to ensure that patients feel secure and comfortable.

Founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze attended the presentation. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, he noted that the increasing number of patients led to the expansion of the clinic:

-We tried to provide all the international standards for the clinic. The number of the medical specialists has increased. Here one can get all the necessary high-tech laboratory, ultrasound and X-ray examinations. Our aim was creating a pleasant environment for the patients and offering them a full ambulatory service.

Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Zaza Sofromadze was among the guests. After visiting the clinic he noted, that development of the first aid sector is the one of the priorities of the Georgian health care system and that opening such high-level clinics is always a pleasant event:

-Naturally, development of this sector is impossible without the appropriate infrastructure, therefore opening this type of diagnostic and treatment centers is very important. “Aversi-Clinic” is one of the best centers in this region of Tbilisi. Medical service is available for the people using the general insurance. A large number of beneficiaries have already been linked to this clinic and I think their number will increase in the future. We hope that this type of therapeutic and diagnostic centers will be flagships of our health care system because this system is in need of such facilities.

General Director of “Aversi-Clinic, Mr. Dimitri Jorbenadze told the journalists that the modernized branch of the clinic can receive up to 200 patients daily:

-The increasing demand of the population led to the expansion of the Isani branch. A wide range of medical professionals is presented here. The equipment has been updated. General health insurance users can register here. We tried to create an attractive environment for patients. Everyone who visits Isani branch will feel comfortable.

Manager of the Isani branch, Mariam Kavtaradze explained the services of the medical diagnostic center in more details:

-“Aversi-Clinic” in Isani has been functioning for 5 years. Periodically we carry out surveys in order to determine the requirements of the patients. Based on their requirements we have modernized and expanded our center. Our current area is almost twice as big as the previous one. High-tech laboratory studies are carried out here. Ultrasound, echocardiography, neuroscopic and X-ray surveys are carried out with modern equipment. The clinic has physiotherapy and massage rooms.

Here you will be served by the family doctor. You can get a consultation of a gynecologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist and endocrinologist, children's neurologist and pediatrician. There was a demand on ophthalmology, X-ray and cosmetic rooms. Surgery has also been added to the services and nowadays small-scale surgical manipulations are being performed in our clinic.

The general insurance program for the beneficiaries is still available, 4300 beneficiaries are registered in our branch and after the modernization we are waiting for doubling the number. “Aversi-Clinic” Isani branch offers the patients high-quality service at low prices compared to the other clinics. A warm environment, professional doctors and high-tech equipment are waiting for our customers.

We have an exceptionally beautiful interior, since the patient should feel comfortable and calm. It is important for us to create a family environment for our patients. The clinic is equipped considering all the international standards. Full infrastructure was created here for the people using wheelchairs. We have purchased Scalamobil – allowing these patients to be easily moved up the stairs, also special toilets have been made for them. Growing number of the grateful patients is the best motivation for the employees of our clinic.

We talked to Mrs. Lali Khutsishvili – a patient of the clinic:

-Opening such a high-level clinic was a very important event for the population of our district. I think it’s obvious that I can’t hide my emotions. I was a patient of the old “Aversi-Clinic” so I was looking forward to the opening of the new, modernized branch. I want to express my gratitude towards the founder of “Aversi” for opening such an amazing clinic in our district. I would also like to mention the kindness of the employees of the clinic. Every day before going to work I come here and get charged with positive energy. The staff is very young and every time I’m amazed with their professionalism. I want to thank “Aversi” not only for this clinic, but also for the pharmacy where we can get all the necessary medications together with the qualified medical services. Network of “Aversi-Clinics” is a very successful project, it has 12 branches across the country. The number of the satisfied customers is growing from day to day.

“Aversi” wishes you health and peace of mind!