A charity event organized by “Aversi” was held in Aspindza

A charity event organized by “Aversi” was held in Aspindza

  • 2016-09-26

Traditional charity events held by “Aversi-Clinic” and “Aversi-Pharma” continue. On the 25th of September “Aversi-Clinic” doctors and “Aversi-Pharma” organized free medical-examination for Aspindza residents. “Aversi-clinic” doctors performed free ultrasound, ophthalmologic, cardiologic, endocrinologic, pediatric and neurological examinations to the residents of Khizabavra, Saro, Toki and Vargava.

“Aversi-Pharma” traditionally donated 18 types of first aid medications. “Aversi-clinic” introduced the free medical checkups tradition in 2008. These types of actions have already been held in Khazbegi, Shatili, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Upper Racha, Tusheti, Gori, Ujarma, Marneuli, Bolnisi, Adigeni, Upper Achara and Tianeti. Medications of more than 60 thousand Gel have been donated within these events.

“Aversi” mostly visits mountainous villages where the medical infrastructure does not exist. As the General Director of “Aversi-clinic, Mr. Dimitri Jorbenadze noted, offering the free high-quality medical services to the population of the villages where the medical services are not available is a very important act.

-We have already conducted the traditional medical examinations in several villages. This time we visited Aspindza together with the doctors who constantly take part in this event. We brought medical equipment with us.

We examined more than 100 people who didn’t have the necessary money not only for the doctor’s assignment, but also for the medications. “Aversi” cares about the health of each citizen, especially for those who can’t afford the high-quality medical services. Aspindza population is exceptionally in need of medical support. “Aversi” will traditionally perform such events in the future.

“Aversi” wishes you health and peace of mind!