“Aversi-Clinic”  is 10 years old

“Aversi-Clinic” is 10 years old

  • 2016-10-17

The network of medical facilities is one of the most successful projects of “Aversi”. On the 15th of October “Aversi-Clinic” celebrated the 10th anniversary in the restaurant “Georgian House”, where the results have been summarized. Founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze noted that coming out of the fact that he has a medical education, he always had a wish for opening a medical facility:

-We purchased a building on an open auction in 2006 and this date could be considered as the foundation day of “Aversi-Clinic”. This was the exact day when we started constructing and developing medical facilities. As we are focused on our patient’s and staff’s needs, we started purchasing only the latest technologies. Medicine is a rapidly developing field creating new medical opportunities, so such high-quality equipment gives best results for the patients, as well as for the doctor’s development. Another advantage is that we give our doctors opportunity to develop professionally both in our country by inviting foreign experts, and also abroad. This significantly contributes to the success of the clinic.

We congratulated the General Director of “Aversi-CliniC, Mr. Dimitri Jorbenadze with the anniversary and asked him to summarize the past 10 years:

-The network of “Aversi-Clinics” has 1275 employees, 475 of which are doctors. Let me introduce you to the data, reflecting the clinic's successful ten-year history:

-We started our medical activities in 2007. Up to 900 thousand medical histories have been opened during this 9 years. 3 million visits have been made, patients have been treated with about 5 million of various kinds of medical services, 35 thousand operations have been carried out. All of these are increasing numbers if we review the statistics.

"Aversi-Clinic" is the flagship and innovator of the Georgian medical market:

-On the 5th of June, 2013, head of the regional office of the German quality control organization TÜV SÜD handed ISO certificate to “Aversi-Clinic”.

-The Georgia’s first successful endovascular intervention of the abdominal aorta was performed in “Aversi-Clinic”.

-The first Baclofen Pump neurosurgical implantation during the treatment of the so-called Congenital Cerebral Palsy was performed in “Aversi-Clinic”.

-5 live donor leaver transplantation were successfully performed.

-The first protometrocyte infusion in the hepatic artery was performed in our clinic.

-Sleeve gastrostomy in the bariatric surgery is performed by the laparoscopic method.

-The first innovative method of using nets during the hernia treatment took its start in “Aversi-Clinic”.

-Thyroid gland removal is performed without any scar.

- Most of the otorhinolaryngology operations are endoscopic.

-We have a really strong material and technical base in ophthalmology. “Aversi-clinic” was the first to perform cornea transplantation.

-You won’t find a field where our clinic hasn’t had an innovation.

-Powerful laboratory is another prerogative of “Aversi-Clinic”.

Let me remind you that “Aversi-Clinic” laboratory is the first in Georgia which carried out medical laboratory quality standards - ISO 15189 accreditation. Thus, medical tests, conducted in our clinic are authentic and reliable. We congratulate “Aversi-clinic” with its jubilee and wish even more success to “Aversi” team.