“Aversi-Rational” hosted media representatives

“Aversi-Rational” hosted media representatives

  • 2016-10-27

On the 27th of October media representatives – actors and singers visited “Aversi-Rational”. General Director of “Aversi-Rational”, Malkhaz Kurtanidze guided them through the factory. The guests visited industrial area and laboratory, learned the information about the supplier and partner companies and were introduced to the achievements of the Georgian pharmaceutical industry.

We asked the guests to share their emotions after the tour:

Givi BerikaSvili: Georgia should have only good quality production, especially when it comes to medicines as it is the most important and valuable product. I was amazed by the scenery today… I’m glad to see a truly high-quality production in my country. I know that many people consider Georgian production to be of low quality, but after visiting this factory, one can swallow a pill without any doubt and be proud to be called Georgian…

Nukri Kapanadze, singer: Everything here is technologically of high-level. I often hear that imported products are better than Georgian production. I’m really looking forward to the day when the national product will fully replace the imported one, and that our national production will have as much high quality, as “Aversi” medicines…

Giorgi Nazarishvili, actor: I’m happy to have been given a chance to see how the medicines that help us strengthen our health are being produced in Georgia. I’m not an expert of the pharmaceutical production, but here you can feel that international standards are highly protected both in the manufacturing and in the quality control fields. Everything is reliable and of high-quality here.

Zaza Aleksidze, organizer of the “Village Builders”: “Aversi” has been nominated as the contestant of the “Village Builders” for the ninth time. The Kurtanidze family stand out with pragmatic attitude and huge responsibility. In addition, each member of this family is a true philanthropist. This attitude is reflected in their charitable activities. I want to wish this company huge success in their activities.

Goga Chanadiri, photographer: what I saw in “Aversi-Rational” was beyond my expectations. I was amazed by the clean atmosphere, which is very important for a pharmaceutical production. I liked the scrupulous attitude towards the work these people do and I would like to say that I’m a huge fan of “Aversi”, as it has a high social responsibility. I know that “Aversi” sponsors many social projects, I think that helping the large families and the people from the mountain are especially important projects. “Aversi” doctors visited Khevsureti, Tianeti, Tusheti and Juta, they examined the population and handed them necessary medications. When I see such a responsible attitude, I’m undoubtedly a loyal customer.

Nodiko Tatishvili, singer: I have a 7 years relationship with this company and through this years I’ve seen nothing but professionals doing their jobs at their best, so I’m always comfortable with this company. I wanted to be a doctor since childhood, I used to steal medications, observe them and I also used to perform operations… I’m glad that I was able to see this whole process with my own eyes, this somehow fulfilled my childhood interests. I wish “Aversi” to always stay in such great shape. I want to express my love and respect to the company.

General Director of “Aversi-Rational, Mr. Malkhaz Kurtanidze talked about the event:

-I’m glad that we lived up our guests’ expectations. They were once again assured that there is a high-quality production in Georgia. I wish our population not to be in need of medications, but if they ever need them, they can count on us, Georgian medicines will be effective and of high-quality.

Let me remind you that integrated standards of ISO 9001 (Quality management systems- Requirements) and GMP EU (Good Manufacturing Practice European Union) are one of the biggest achievements of “Aversi-Rational”. This quality management system was introduced with the help of the German holding company - ”TŰV SŰD”.

GMP and ISO compliance and certification audits are a continuous processes and are held with regular intervals.

“Aversi” wishes you health and peace of mind!