“Aversi” team and “Philips” care about improving medical services

“Aversi” team and “Philips” care about improving medical services

  • 2016-11-25

On the 24th of November opening ceremony of the new building was held in the central branch of “Aversi-Clinic”. At the same time, a presentation dedicated to the diagnostic rooms equipped with the latest technology and hybrid operating rooms took place. These departments are equipped with latest “Phillips” technology. Among the guests of the grand event were representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, practicing physicians and specialists working in the health sector.

Founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze presented “Aversi-Clinic” news himself:

-Our wish is to constantly provide our population with the latest medical news. That’s the main reason we opened the new building equipped with the latest technology.

Principle of “Aversi-Clinics” is the following: in order to always keep up with the world medical standards, we have to purchase only the best and the latest technologies. Coming out of the fact that “Phillips” is one of the first to produce medical equipment, we have developed a long-standing tradition of cooperation with this company.

“Phillips” was the first to introduce the hybrid operating room in Switzerland, in 2011. Today, as a result of the partnership between “Aversi” and “Phillips”, a highly improved operating room provides medical services to “Aversi-Clinic” customers. I want to thank each member of “Aversi-Clinic” whose actions are derived firstly from the needs of the patients and afterwards from their own professional needs. These people are trying their best to make “Aversi-Clinic” even more successful and to serve for success of our country. As a result of the usage of these high technology, costs are a lot cheaper for the patients as well as for the government, because the patient retains working ability and he no longer needs the additional support from the government.

The economy of our country also benefits from the introduction of the new technologies. At least 200 million dollars flow from the country for the medical treatment of our people abroad. This is a major loss for our economy. If we keep in step with the world innovations, the patients won’t need to travel abroad for the necessary operations, therefore, no more money flows out of the country, and this will be a huge step forward for our economy.

It’s obvious that such modern technology is quite expensive, for example, 2 million euros was spent on the operating equipment. However, this has the least impact on the treatment cost.

We are pleased that our patients have the opportunity to get such high quality medical service and that the work we are doing is so important for our patients, our employees, for our company and our country.

"Phillips" Caucasus and Central Asia regional director, Alexander Turlichkin was among the invited guests. He noted that “Aversi” is a very successful, news-oriented company, and that this kind of partnership is very important for “Phillips”:

-Technology produced by “Phillips” giving us opportunity to perform invasive and non-invasive operations together is presented in “Aversi-Clinic”. The latest methods derived from the patient’s needs are being introduced, because thanks to these approaches, patients don’t have to stay long in the clinics any more, they walk home after the operations instead. Everything for the comfort of the patients and clinic staff is combined here. I want to wish even more success to “Aversi” team, because this company deserves all the best.

Head of the Health Care Department of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Marina Darakhvelidze noted:

-Our aim is to make the medical field focused on the quality. What we saw today in “Aversi-Clinic totally corresponds to the international standards. I’m glad that our population will have an opportunity to get medical service of such high level. Medicine is rapidly evolving and it’s pleasant to see that Georgian medical field represented by “Aversi” keeps up with the world innovations.

The world's best, fully digital Magnetic Resonance Imaging "Philips Ingenia 3,0 Tesla _ Best is class" was installed in the central office of “Aversi-Clinic”. This machine stands out with many advantages - high-quality digital images are quickly formed and examination of the whole body becomes available in a short time, this machine offers a wide variety of opportunities for neurology, oncology and cardiology field, the scanning time is reduced.

As the General Director of “Aversi-Clinic”, Dimitri Jorbenadze noted, Philips Ingenia 3,0 Tesla is  recognized as the highest class machine by the radiology specialists. Many leading clinics still do not have the luxury of owning this machine.

Hybrid operating room was another novelty introduced to the “Aversi-Clinic” guests. This operating room is also a latest innovation in our reality.

All the medical equipment needed for performing the minimally invasive and open operations is integrated in the operating room. Radiation power was reduced to 75% with the help of the high-level "Philips Allura Clarity" angiography system, at the same time, getting a best quality image during the operation is now available.

An ultra-modern X-ray machine installed in the operating room allows to perform the MRI study during the operation.

“Aversi” constantly cares about the health and comfort of the patients and always works on improvements necessary for the introduction of modern technologies.

"Aversi" wishes you health and peace of mind!