„Aversi” expands its activities with the support of the World Bank

„Aversi” expands its activities with the support of the World Bank

  • 2016-12-12

On the 12th of December, the World Bank Group member - International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed a new loan agreement with “Aversi” in the central office of “Alpha”.

According to the founder of “Aversi”, Paata Kurtanidze, the loan from the international financial institutions will be spent on the development of “Aversi-Clinics”, purchasing the latest technology and constructing Cancer Centers corresponding to the modern standards:

-Coming out of the fact that patients want a high quality service, here is a great demand on the advanced medical technologies in Georgia. There has always been a qualified medical staff in our country, but only modern equipment can provide a high quality service. Purchasing these technologies costs huge amount of money. In addition, with a variety of calculations, 200 million dollars flow from our country every year, in order to provide healthcare to the patients getting the treatment abroad. Let’s agree that spending this amount of money in our country will make profit for our budget as well as for the patients. This will have a positive impact on strengthening the GEL exchange rate.

Thanks to this major investments, we will be able to provide a full range of services to the patients who had to travel abroad for the treatment. The loan will fully be spent on development of the clinics and on purchasing new equipment. The loan is intended to last for six and a half years, and at the same time, the principal amount of the loan will not be covered for the first two years. This is a really good support for providing the population with the latest medical services.

Such investments are important not only for the health sector, but also for the development of the national economy.

The agreement was signed by Jan Van Bilsen, the regional manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Caucasus. He noted that partnership with “Aversi” is very important, because by signing this agreement, Georgia gets a chance to get new clinics equipped with the latest technologies:

-Preferential loans contribute to developing the private sector and country’s economy. Encouraging the private sector is necessary to help them play a major role in the development of the economy. It is true that the country's economic growth will be an average of 3% this year, but we stay optimistic and hope that this number will increase in the following years. The main thing is that government encourages the private sector and this is a truly positive trend.

Bruno Balvanera, Director of the World Bank member and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) noted, that 18 million euros will be mobilized in terms of the project:

-The management of this amount of money has two purposes: first – a new oncology center will be built and equipped with latest technology and it will offer a full range of service to the patients. On the other hand, a highly equipped ambulatory clinic will be opened in Telavi and it will become the highest level medical center in the region. The aim of the international financial organizations is encouraging the development of the economy and the private sector. This cooperation is important and beneficial for both sides.

Let me remind you that “Aversi” remains one of the largest medical companies for 22 years and owns a pharmaceutical network consisting of 232 pharmacies. Its network of clinics includes 25 branches. “Aversi” owns the ISO 151 89 certificate. The world-class pharmaceutical production “Aversi-Rational” is reunited under the “Aversi” logo and it also is the owner of the GMP, FDA and ISO international certificates. “Aversi” also owns Constantine Eristavi Experimental and Clinical Surgery Center, which represents a high-tech, multi-profile center; Academician Vakhtang Bochorishvili Sepsis and Infectious Diseases Clinic and Hospital Network "Medalpa" are also parts of “Aversi”. Hospital Network “Medalpha” combines 4 multi-profile clinics and 2 polyclinics.

“Aversi” has more than 8 000 employees and the company fills the state budget with millions of Gel every year.

“Aversi” always cares for your health.