Pupils visited “Aversi-Rational”

Pupils visited “Aversi-Rational”

  • 2016-10-12

Teacher of the №210 public school contacted “Aversi” and expressed her wish to visit “Aversi-Rational” together with her pupils. “Aversi-Rational” was glad to host the fourth grade pupils. They viewed the production process in details, visited the warehouses and laboratory and at the end of the day, they went back home filled with amazing emotions.

We talked to the head of the marketing team, Nino Nebieridze about the excursion:

-Tea Zhizhilashvili contacted us through internet and expressed her wish to visit Georgian pharmaceutical industry together with her pupils. As we periodically present our production process to the medical representatives and we always had a wish to make public excursions, we didn’t refuse to Mrs. Tea.

-How exciting did the children find the excursion?

-The employees of the factory, in particular the microbiology department made a surprise for us: for the better observation of the microbes, they painted the tubes where the cultivated microbes were put into. Grape shaped Staphylococcus and the microbe raised on the Apple logo looked very creative. Obviously the children loved the ultra-modern technology and production process. All agreed that the scenery was beyond their expectations. Today's excursion once again assured us that public mistrust towards the Georgian production won’t be improved only by TV advertising, therefore such events should be cost-effective and targeted.

We also talked to the teacher of №210 school, Tea Zhizhilashvili:

-Introduction to the Georgian production has been implemented as a tradition in the schools. Excursions are made to the “Barambo” and glass factories. I think that children should also be acquainted with the achievements in the pharmaceutical sector. It’s nice to see that there is such a high level of production in our country. After the visit in this factory I gained a lot more trust and sympathy towards the national production. “Aversi-Rational” is a truly outstanding world-class factory equipped with ultra-modern technologies. It made a great impression on me and my little pupils. They will remember the friendly staff and the wonderful environment for a long time.

Let me remind you that “Aversi-Rational” is a huge enterprise of European level. It produces safe and effective medicines of high quality, creates stable jobs and expands production…

“Aversi-Rational” offered its firs medicine to the population in 2005.

Since 2006 “Aversi-Rational” has been exporting to several countries of the Post Soviet Union and the Middle East, furthermore, the export area expands annually, which is linked to the growth of demand on the product.

One of the most important successes of “Aversi-Rational” is implemented standards of ISO 9001 (Quality management systems-Requirements) and GMP EU (Good Manufacturing Practice European Union).  ISO and GMP certification and compliance audits are regular processes and are held with specified intervals.