Chipollino - 17 years among the leaders in the childcare industry

Chipolino brand products are made with 100% safe raw materials.

All positions are in line with European security standards. Contains no harmful substances and chemicals that can harm the health of you and your baby.

All models are fully tested in certified European laboratories in accordance with the highest standard requirements.

Chipollino's products are comfortable, practical and useful. Infant comfort is a top priority for the brand.

The brand offers a wide variety of choices for future parents, with different tastes, needs and lifestyles. In every collection you will find models with different functions, so each customer can choose the product that suits them best.


53.06 Gel 31.84 Gel
54.50 Gel 32.70 Gel
68.70 Gel 48.09 Gel
83.20 Gel 49.93 Gel
79.70 Gel 47.81 Gel
694.95 Gel 486.47 Gel
69.10 Gel 48.37 Gel
16.45 Gel 9.86 Gel
214.05 Gel 149.84 Gel
120.15 Gel 72.09 Gel
281.55 Gel 197.08 Gel
291.15 Gel 203.81 Gel