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“Aversi” was founded on the 14th of November 1994. Upon the initiative of the founder, the company was named the Latin word that perfectly describes the company’s principle: non-stop and sustainable development –spiral development.

“Aversi” slogan expresses the company’s care about the health and safety of its customers: “Wish you health and peace of mind!”

Symbol, Logo:
The company’s logo corresponds with the slogan- red heart with a white dove holding an olive branch.
Red and white colours have particular symbolic meaning with historical roots. Both colours were used in the middle centuries in the era of Crusades by the Templars and the Hospitallers who cared about sick, homeless, orphans; as well as protected the shrines. The symbol of the International Committee of the Red Cross is also represented by these colours: Red Cross on the white background. In the follow-up period this emblem has acquired a number of meanings and has become the symbol of selfless assistance to people in need.
In ancient times red colour was the symbol of wisdom and life energy, while white colour was associated with holiness and generosity.
Heart, as the main human organ, is the symbol of life and health. In the biblical era dove was considered as the symbol of peace, as for the olive branch, it was associated with reconciliation with God.
“Aversi” emblem encloses all the above-mentioned meanings, as like the dove of peace, it brings health and peace to the people.

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“To make your and your family’s healthcare easier”- is the mission of “Aversi”. In order to reach this objective, there is activated a multilateral spectrum of the company’s activities, including regional expansion and the establishment of new pharmacies in all cities all over Georgia. The realization of this objective is implemented, thanks to the fact that “Aversi” products and service are affordable and basically oriented on the people with low or medium income.

Since the foundation day one of the main priorities of the company has been professional growth of the pharmacists, constant improvement of service and proper customer awareness. The launching of Online service is very comfortable for the customers. Besides, “Aversi” tries to reestablish forgotten tradition and recruit men in the sphere of pharmacy and that’s why minimum one man is employed at every “Aversi” pharmacy.

The basic values of “Aversi” are: high-quality products and service

"Aversi" - Stability and Quality Guarantee

Pharmaceutical company "Aversi" was founded in 1994. Since then it has created 10 000 jobs in Georgia and has established a strong standard of high quality service. 

“Aversi” has maintained the supply of medicines through direct contacts. Therefore, the quality of the medicines is guaranteed and the prices are relatively lower. The partners of “Aversi” are the leading world level pharmaceutical companies:

Partner list

In order for the medicines to be always available, there is presented a big assortment of analogs, so-called “generics” that differ from their foreign analogs only in price and not in quality.

The most important priority for “Aversi” is high-quality service. Particular attention is paid to the work and professional development of pharmacists. There is activated a non-stop training program: thanks to seminars and tests, pharmacists constantly keep on improving their professional qualities. They receive certain information about medicines of various brands. Besides, particular seminars and trainings are held concerning service aspects.
There is a team of regional managers in the company that regularly checks sanitary regime and pharmaceutical order at the pharmacies. “Hidden customer” service enables the implementation of working process and service level monitoring.

Personnel Policy
One of the most important components of personnel policy is employee motivation and that’s why there functions a multicomponent assessment system that monitors important knowledge and professionalism details.
Besides the fixed salary, the employees of the company receive also monthly bonuses. Employees receive premiums for showing excellent results during particular tests. The rate of increase in salary depends on the working experience as well.

“Aversi” employees are motivated not only for professional career development, as well as the creation of family. The employee, who marries, receives certain bonus and, in case, if co-workers marry, the employees of the whole department receive bonuses. Besides this fact, employees also receive certain bonuses if their co-worker gives birth to a child.
Upon the initiative of the company’s authorities, successful “Aversi” employees who contribute to the development and advancement of the company are annually awarded particular prizes and trips abroad. Up to now, “Aversi” employees have visited Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia, Germany, France, Italy, England, Israel, the countries of Mediterranean basin …
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Projects and Achievements

ავერსის აფთიაქები

  • Pharmaceutical chain “Aversi” is represented by 128 pharmacies in Tbilisi and 167 pharmacies in regions. High quality medications, low prices and qualified pharmaceutical services are the main advantages of the company.
  • “Aversi-Rational” was founded in 2002. It’s the largest pharmaceutical factory in Transcaucasia. The company has implemented international standards of ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems-Requirements) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice European Union).
  • Chain of clinics is one of the most successful projects of the brand. German quality control company - TÜV SÜD awarded “Aversi-Clinic” with ISO certificate in 2013.
  • “Aversi Magazine” was introduced in 2004. The magazine cares about people’s knowledge of medicine and health by providing competent information.
  • “Aversi” founded the insurance company “Alpha” in 2009.
  • Charity Fund “Aversi” was officially founded in 2010.
  • “Aversi” bought K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental Surgery Center in 2011 and very soon transformed it into a modern medical institution equipped with the latest inventory.
  • The hospital chain "Medalfa" was founded on August 23, 2011. Each clinic of the chain is a medical facility equipped with modern infrastructure and latest equipment, providing high quality and comfortable environment.
  • “Aversi” became the owner of the former Antisepsis Center of Georgia in 2014. Company made a 15 million investment for the full rehabilitation of the center and renovation of its material-technical base. Antisepsis center became a multi-profile clinic and was named after academician Vakhtang Bochorishvili.
  • “Aversi Clinic” opened The Nuclear Medicine Center at the territory of the Infectious Disease Hospital in 2014. The center is constantly being supplied with radioactive substances necessary for diagnostic and treatment, so it surely stands out from the other facilities of such type in the region.
  •  Mono-profile maternity house “Akhali Sitsotskhle” (New Life) was added to the holding in 2016. It’s being monitored by K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental Surgery Center.
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High Social Responsibility

"Aversi" carries out various social projects, the majority of which are of national importance. From the day of foundation the company takes care of the beneficiaries from the children shelters and elderly people, constantly supplying them with necessary medications.

Large family’s assistance program was launched in 2005 and since then over 4000 families have received assistance within its frameworks.

"Aversi" has constantly been helping the International Humanitarian Union "Catharsis" since 2005.

A major project named “100 Free Surgeries for the People with Cataracts” was carried out in 2006 and sight has been returned to more than 1700 people within its frameworks.

A project was carried out from 2007 to July 2011 and within its frameworks pensioners, teachers, doctors, journalists and employees of law enforcement organizations received assistance of 10 897 347 Gel for necessary medications.

 “Aversi” was supplying the veterans of the World War II with the first aid medications produced in “Aversi-Rational” from 2007 to 2011. A total of 1 119 896 Gel was spent over those 5 years.

From 2009 to 2013 "Aversi" and Georgian Patriarchate acted under the Memorandum, according to which the priests and the clergy received prescribed medicines and various medical services for free.

A memorandum allowing sportsmen of the National Olympic Committee to receive free medications and medical services was signed in 2009. The memorandum is still in force.

From 2010 till now "Aversi" and "Aversi Clinic" have been implementing a joint project. Within its frameworks, the inhabitants of high mountainous regions of Georgia are provided with free diagnostic services and first aid medicines. Such events have already been held in Khazbegi, Shatili, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Zemo Racha, Tusheti, municipalities of Gori, Adigeni and Aspindza, Tianeti, Khashuri and Koda village in the Kvemo Kartli region, housed by IDPs displaced from Samachablo in 2008.

"Aversi" has been financially supporting children's tennis tournament - "Aversi Cup" from 2011 till now.

Since 2012, "Aversi" employees are regularly participating in the donors' international week and donate blood for free.

Memorandum with the Republican Committee of the Pensioners of Georgia was signed in 2013. According to the memorandum pensioners receive a monthly assistance from the charity fund.

The fund “Aversi for the People of Aversi” was founded in July 2013 and it serves the health and wellbeing of the employees of the company.

Since 2016, “Aversi” has been implementing a project with the president's administration to assist the World War II veterans. Within the framework of the project veterans are awarded with Gift Cards allowing them to purchase products of 140 Gel in the chain of “Aversi” pharmacies.

"Aversi" is a supporter of the charitable fund "Natvris Khe” since 2016

In 2017, for the first time Georgia joined the international charity campaign – “Red Nose Day” which serves to save the children suffering from leukemia. "Aversi" was one of the first to support this campaign.

In May 2017, “Aversi” became an active member of the project carried out by the Business Information Agency and Start-up “Treepex”, aiming to restore Borjomi forests destroyed in 2008. In the frames of this project "Aversi" planted 500 trees.

According to the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between "Aversi-Pharma" and the Solidarity Fund of Georgia on July 26, 2017, the employees of the company will transfer a significant amount of money from their monthly salaries to the account of the Solidarity fund.

“Aversi” constantly supports the Blind and Deaf Communities and since the day of foundation has actively been participating in medical conferences and also is an active organizer of the conferences and seminars. Today "Aversi" is one of the biggest payers in Georgia. The company annually brings tens of million dollars to the country’s budget and regularly creates new jobs.


“Aversi” as a charitable company, also a successful and recognizable brand owns a lot of letters and certificates of appreciation.

  • In 2001, founder and the General Director of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze was awarded with the title of Honorable Businessman of the Capital and the Honorable Businessman of Georgia.
  • In 2003-2008, according to the Georgian Times Business Rating, "Aversi" was awarded with the title of the best company of the year for charity, high social responsibility and the best management.
  • On January 27, 2004, the Association BID awarded "Aversi-Pharma" with the International Gold Star Award for Quality in Madrid.
  • On December 17, 2004, LTD “Aversi”, LTD “Aversi-Pharma” and LTD “Aversi Geofarm” were awarded with the Georgian Quality award.
  • In 2005, "Aversi" received an award of the Almanac “Names” in the nomination “Company of High Social Responsibility”.
  • In 2006-2007 LTD “Aversi-Pharma” became a twice time owner of the Georgian Quality Mark certificate.
  • In 2006, based on the research of Raeo, founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze was named as the man of the year.
  • On December 14, 2007, based on a research of the GHN news agency and GSG consulting group, “Aversi-Pharma became “Brand of the Year” and was awarded with “Golden Parchment”.
  • In 2008, GHN agency and consulting group GSG carried out a survey to reveal the people and companies of the year. For the second time “Aversi-Pharma” became the owner of the title – Company of the Year and gained a second “Golden Parchment”.
  • In 2007, the Orphans Support Fund awarded the founder of the company with a certificate of appreciation.
  • In 2008, “Aversi” won in a research held by GORBI (Georgian Opinion Research Business International) in nomination "Charity, Latest Technologies, Effective Management and Social Responsibility" and received a National Business Award.
  • In 2008, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia awarded company "Aversi" with honorary diploma for active participation in the project “Become a Benefactor”.
  • On May 18, 2008, "Aversi" received a certificate of appreciation from the Chess federation of Georgia for the contribution to the European Women's Championship in Chess.
  • On January 11, 2009, Media Holding GBH awarded the founder and the company "Aversi" as a media supporting company.
  • In 2006, 2007 and 2011, "Aversi" received the honorary title of "Rural Builder" for the contribution to economic development and reconstruction of the country, for implementation of social projects, for the support for the development of culture and art.
  • After signing the memorandum with the Olympic Committee in January 2012, Paata Kurtanidze was awarded as the best sports supporter of the year.
  • The same year, 5th Clinical Hospital awarded "Aversi" with a certificate for winning in nomination "The Most Comfortable Pharmaceutical Company".
  • In 2014, "Georgian Times" and "GORBI" named the best Georgian companies, brands and businessmen of the year. "Aversi" traditionally was one of the first and won in nomination "Charity, Latest Technologies, Effective Management and Social Responsibility".
  • In 2014 the magazine “Tbiliselebi” awarded companies and businessmen who made it to the "Golden Catalog". Paata Kurtanidze, founder of "Aversi" was named as the benefactor of the year.
  • On February 2, 2015, in connection to the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Olympic Committee of Georgia, the president of the committee, Leri Khabalov awarded Paata Kurtanidze with a special certificate and medal for the contribution to the development of sports in Georgia.
  • In December 2016, "Aversi" received a certificate of appreciation from the Olympic Committee of Georgia for the successful assistance to Georgian athletes in the 31st Olympic Games.
  • The same year International Organization "Green Cross" awarded a special diploma to "Aversi-Pharma" as the best pharmacy chain.
  • On December 12, 2016 "Aversi" received a special award from IFC (International Finance Corporation) for establishing a high standard of healthcare services in Georgia.
  • On June 14, 2017, the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia awarded "Aversi" with the diploma of the local trademark holder.
  • On April 26, 2017, the organization "Borjomi-Nature Lover" awarded "Aversi" with a certificate for active participation in the events connected to the Earth Day.
  • In the same year "Aversi" was awarded with a special certificate by the Georgian Distributors' Business Association (GDBA).
  • In 2017, “Aversi” received a certificate of appreciation from the Bank of Georgia for the support “Aversi” showed to the Fund “Tree of Life”.
  • In the same year, President of "Dinamo Tbilisi" awarded the founder of “Aversi” with a certificate of appreciation for the great support.
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“Aversi-rational”- the Guarantee of the Highest Standard

The construction of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant “Aversi-rational” began in 2002 and has been accomplished with the support of European experts.
“Aversi-rational” is the largest European-level manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. It produces high-quality, safe, efficient and affordable products; creates stable jobs, expands production…
The first “Aversi- rational” medicine was introduced in May 2005. Nowadays there are produced medicines of 139 names, 249 positions. Since 2006 the company has been exporting its products to a number of post-Soviet states and the countries of near East. Besides, export is constantly rising, as the demand for the product increases.

Quality Certificates
One of the most important “Aversi-rational” achievements is the introduction of international standards: ISO 9001 (Quality management systems- Requirements and GMP EU (Good Manufacturing Practice European Union). There was a multiple stage process of the introduction of international standards. The creation of the above-mentioned quality control system has been accomplished with the support of the German holding “TŰV SŰD”.
In December 2006 “Aversi-rational” was awarded ISO 9001 certificate; in November 2008 after two years of hard work and successful audit procedures the company received the certificate of compliance with GMP EU requirements that proves that “Aversi-rational” completely complies with all requirements on medicine manufacturing and quality control. Control and certification audit procedures corresponding with the requirements of ISO and GMP represent a non-stop process being held periodically. Up to now “Aversi-rational” has underwent the above-mentioned checking procedures quite successfully.
The manufacturing plant of “Aversi-rational occupies 1800 m2. It includes controlled areas the cleanliness level of which is determined in accordance with the international standards. Particular attention was paid to the construction of the building, types of materials and the capability of engineering system that in return guarantees ideal exactness and the compliance of all production processes with the international standards. Particular attention is paid to the process of atmosphere air filtration that in return is one of the main factors of product quality.
There is installed an automated ventilation device that enables the air to be cleaned before entering the manufacturing zone. The air is completely filtered afterwards. Besides, when leaving the factory, the air is once more filtered in order to prevent environment pollution.
“Aversi-rational” is equipped in compliance with international standards requirements with the machinery from Germany, the US, the UK and Italy. The functioning of as half automated, as automated production lines decreases the probability of certain complications caused by human factor and consequently guarantees efficient production process and high-quality products. The above-mentioned machinery undergoes as primary, as regular validation procedure. Besides the plant and the equipment, particular attention is paid to the existing working conditions: proper material transportation, corresponding personnel qualification, compliance with hygiene norms that is also an important requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The demand for the product constantly increases and the production expands. It was therefore necessary to establish a new laboratory for meeting the increased product demand and functions. The new laboratory of “Aversi-rational” has been functioning since 2010. It occupies 750 sq. meters on the territory of the manufacturing plant. As physicochemical, as microbiological analyses are carried out there.
The laboratory of “Aversi-rational” corresponds with all standards required from the world leading producers of pharmaceuticals. All types of analyses required from the manufacturers of such a high level are carried out there.
“Aversi-rational” buys raw materials only from the world leading pharmaceutical brands. Besides, there functions a strict multistage system of supplier selection and monitoring. The quality and safety of the raw materials is checked at the laboratory.
The new laboratory is equipped with the latest high-quality machinery that in return is the guarantee of reliability of the conducted analyses. The cost of the machinery is hundred thousands of GEL.
Only the newest machinery is installed at the laboratory:
• High-quality liquid chromatography machine (AG Technologies, the USA)
• Gas chromatograph Ag 7890A (AG Technologies, the USA)
• Infrared spectrometer (AG Technologies, the USA)
• UV spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, Japan)
• Titrators (Scott instruments, Germany; Crison Instrument S.A, Spain)
• Liquid Particle Counter (Particle measure systems, the USA)
• Various types of weighing scales, testers and other devices applied in checking the quality of raw materials and manufactured products.
As in the manufacturing zone, as in the laboratory all equipment undergoes validation procedures; the personnel is trained correspondingly that in return proves the safety of conducted analyses.
Product quality is checked at all stages before realization. If needed, the product undergoes additional checking procedure at the National Laboratory for Quality Control. Besides, there is conducted a microbiological research of all products and also microbiological monitoring of water, air and personnel. After realization, following the established rule, there is held a stability testing of the medicines till their expiration date.
In January 2014 the laboratory of “Aversi-rational” was accredited in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2010 by “The Unified National Body of Accreditation - Accreditation Center”. Besides, the laboratory takes active part in various inter laboratory professional testings held among as post-Soviet, as European states.
The personnel of “Aversi-rational” is represented by high-qualified specialists, having higher medical education; direction: pharmacy and chemistry. Eight doctors of medicine (MD) are employed in these spheres. There is a complex and multistage selection process of new employees, while for the working personnel there exists a complex training system that includes various trainings as in Georgia, as abroad: taking part in conferences and exhibitions; corporate training- the company invites foreign experts in order for their knowledge and experience to be shared with the personnel.
“Aversi-rational” is famous for innovations: there has been recently introduced a unique, unified, computerized pharmaceutical system that in compliance with the international standards implements operative and efficient program monitoring of all processes. Such electronic system because of its high cost, scale and complexity is not yet affordable for some companies of post-Soviet space, Transcaucasia and even for some world level companies including the leading companies of Europe.
Consumer Interests Protection
“Aversi-rational” always aims to satisfy consumer interests as much as possible. The company interviews its customers as in Georgia, as abroad and the results are then considered by the company’s authorities for establishing strategic objectives and future plans, so as to keep the level of customer satisfaction always high. The above-mentioned approach explains high demand for “Aversi-rational” medicines not only in Georgia, but abroad as well.
“Aversi-rational” wishes you health and peace of mind!
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“Aversi Clinic”

aversi clinic

"Aversi Clinic" has been serving patients since 2007. About 1000 patients visit the clinic every day. "Aversi Clinic" is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Mark. According to the standard, the company must pass a recertification every three years, which is a guarantee of continuous quality improvement.

“Aversi Clinic” laboratory is the first in Georgia to pass the accreditation for Medical Laboratory with ISO 15189 quality standard.

Introduction of international quality standards is not just a matter of prestige – it’s a huge step forward in Georgian medical reality, it’s a guarantee that every single person living in Georgia will get European level medical care of international standards without leaving the country.

The goals of “Aversi Clinic”:

  • Providing effective, high quality medical services to the population;
  • Establishment of a modern system of preparation and retraining of medical personnel;
  • Introduction of the latest medical technologies relevant to the world's leading clinics standards;

Advantages of "Aversi Clinic":

  • Easy access, located at the city center;
  • Wide, free parking space in the clinic yard;
  • Patient oriented working hours (weekdays 9.00-21.00, weekend - 10.00-19.00);
  • All types of high-tech, accurate laboratory tests and ability to receive results by e-mail;
  • The world's most modern medical equipment;
  • Highly qualified and well-equipped medical personnel;
  • Pleasant environment;
  • Electronic archiving of patient medical history.

Emergency Cardiology Center is another successful project of “Aversi”, it serves the patients within 24 hours. The center was opened in November 2016, in the central branch of “Aversi Clinic”. It consists of intensive care and CPR unit, postoperative rooms and hybrid operating room. The Center serves patients with the universal health insurance as well as with the private insurance.

“Aversi Clinic” purchased Philips’ latest 3 tesla MRI, making it possible to investigate the whole body and the screening of the organs damaged by tumor.

In May 2017, Marneuli branch of “Aversi Clinic” developed a multi-profile 100-bed medical center located on the fifth floor and offering a full range of medical services. The center offers ER - Emergency Medical Services Department; Intensive Care; Adults and children's hospital; Obstetric-gynecological, surgical and functional-diagnostic departments.

On June 27, 2017 a branch in Telavi was added to the chain of “Aversi Clinics”. The center will provide diagnostic services to the population of Kakheti. Telavi branch is equipped with the world’s latest technology, including first in Transcaucasian region - “Hitachi” latest MRI and CT scanner of the world leader “Phillips”. The latest models of the ultrasonography device of "General Electric" will also serve the patients. The laboratory is equipped with the machinery of the same quality and it makes it possible to make all the laboratory tests carried out in Georgia.


Academician Vakhtang Bochorishvili Clinic

აკადემიკოს ვახტანგ ბოჭორიშვილის კლინიკა

Academician Vakhtang Bochorishvili clinic was officially opened on the territory of Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital, on June 6, 2017. The clinic continues the traditions established since 1979 and provides the highest quality medical service with a qualified, experienced team.

The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment, including latest CT scanner of “Philips”, digital X-ray of "Shimadzu" and “General Electric” ultrasound. Pediatric, surgical, gynecological, infectious disease and intensive care departments underwent total upgrade and two operational rooms and ambulance service have been added to the clinic services. The clinic is involved in all universal healthcare programs.

Academician Vakhtang Bochorishvili clinic offers:

  • Children's Emergency Medical Care Department;
  • Adult Emergency Medical Care Department;
  • Pediatric Department;
  • Therapeutic Department;
  • Surgical Department;
  • Gynecological Department;
  • Children’s Intensive Care;
  • Adult Intensive Care;
  • Clinical and Microbiological Laboratory;
  • Radiological Department.

The clinic has 325 employees. 


“Alpha” – For your peace of mind


“Aversi-Pharma” founded the insurance company "Alpha" on June 2, 2009. This insures a strong financial support for innovative projects and long-term strategic plans.

In the eight years of existence, "Alpha" has created a strong team of highly qualified specialists. The company is continuously keeping track of the ongoing processes in the insurance industry. In the first period of development, its main priority was the state health insurance projects, but today the list of its insurance products has been significantly expanded. With “Alpha” you can insure your health, automobiles, get travel insurance, Insure - cargo, property, life, responsibility and accidents and get dental insurance.

Guarantors of the safety of the insured products are such reinsurance companies as SCOR, MUNICH and "Europe Assistants".

“Alpha” constantly creates individual insurance products for every client, expanding business contracts with leading insurance and reinsurance companies and brokers.

In the nearest future, Alpha plans to develop a number of new products that will maximize customer requirements and compete with the products on the market.

Up to 200 000 people are under “Alpha’s” insurance. The company has offices in Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri, Lanchkhuti, Gori, Telavi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe and Tbilisi.

"Alfa" serves such organizations as "Aversi", Parliament of Georgia, Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, National Bureau of Enforcement, Public Broadcaster, National Library, Office of Resource Officers, Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara Autonomous Republic, Tourism Products Development Agency and many others.

"Alfa’s" development is always planned according to customer requirements and desires, which is the basis for its success.

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The chain of clinics “Medalpha”


The chain of clinics “Medalpha” was founded on August 23, 2011. All the clinics and medical centers of “Medalpha” are equipped with modern infrastructure and latest machinery providing high quality medical care and comfortable environment.

Nowadays “Medalpha” combines four multi-profile hospitals and two polyclinics. Such as: Ozurgeti Medical Center, Lanchkhuti Medical Center, Chokhatauri Medical Center, Kaspi Medical Center, Makhinjauri Clinic and Tbilisi Clinic. Boni Meical Center in Batumi is under reconstruction and will be opened soon.

"Medalpha" clinic in Chokhatauri functions since September 2013. Because of the large number of patients visiting the clinic it needed expanding very soon after opening. Presentation of the renovated clinic was held on February 10, 2017. The interior and exterior of the building has been changed, the list of services has been expanded, obstetrical-gynecology department has been opened for the first time in the region, hospital and pediatric departments have been equipped with the latest machinery. The hospital is intended for 20 beds.

“Medalpha” aims to provide high quality, effective and patient oriented medical services. That’s why implementation of modern technologies and increasing the qualification of the personnel is a continuous process in this medical center.

All institutions of “Medalpa” are involved in the universal health care program. People can receive doctor’s consultation and diagnostics within the frames of the program.

K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental National Surgery Center - Best Traditions Since 1946


K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental National Surgery Centeris a multi-profile medical institution where treatment and diagnosis is carried out with the latest technologies and modern standards.

The doctors of the clinic work 24/7 caring about the health of the people. K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental Surgery Center offers full range of treatments and diagnostics with best conditions. Its advantages are:

  • The latest medical equipment;
  • Highly qualified doctors;
  • Innovative management;
  • Convenient environment;
  • 24-hour working mode.

K. Eristavi Clinical and Experimental Surgery Center is presented with the following surgery departments:

  • General surgery;
  • Vascular surgery;
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Chest surgery;
  • Urology;
  • Gynecology;
  • Orthopedics - traumatology;
  • Endocrine surgery;
  • Otorhinolaryngology;
  • Jaw-face surgery;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Surgical oncology;
  • Purulent surgery;
  • Proctology.
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