Principles and Goals of Aversi

Principles and Goals of Aversi

1. We, employees of Aversi believe in God, therefore our work always has to be right before God.

2. We, employees of Aversi love people, therefore our work always has to be right before people.

3. We, employees of Aversi love our country, therefore our work always has to be right before our state and law.

4. We, employees of Aversi are patriots of our country and our company, therefore we always pay our taxes to the state budget.

5. We, employees of Aversi are proud to work for the company, that starting from 1994 has tirelessly been aiming for serving its customers health and peace of mind with great love and pleasure. 

6. The first goal of Aversi is to keep our customers, patients and insured people satisfied and only then we will be satisfied as well. In order to achieve this goal it’s necessary to keep on constant learning and professional self-refinement, also an ability of producing warmth and hope is needed in order to keep our customers in high spirits.

7. Aversi employees want their customers to visit Aversi pharmacies and clinics not in search of cure, but in order to avoid illness.

8. Aim of Aversi is to establish a healthy lifestyle in Georgia.

9. Each Aversi employee has limitless possibilities, but Aversi as unity of strong people  develops further growth of this possibilities – Power is in unity.

10. Employees of Aversi have to be the best example and legend of personal and organizational success not only in our field and in our country, but this success has to endure centuries throughout the world.