“Aversi-Pharma” and Solidarity Fund of Georgia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

“Aversi-Pharma” and Solidarity Fund of Georgia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

  • 2017-07-27

According to the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between "Aversi-Pharma" and the Solidarity Fund of Georgia on July 26, the employees of the company will transfer a significant amount of money from their monthly salaries to the account of the Solidarity fund. This voluntary act of solidarity is another proof of the high social responsibility of “Aversi”.

The memorandum was signed by General Director of "Aversi-Pharma" Irakli Purtseladze and the CEO of the Solidarity Fund of Georgia Sofio Kakaliashvili-Dzagnidze.

-  "Aversi" is a company of high social responsibility and every employee constantly feels this responsibility, noted Irakli Purtseladze, - therefore, we were interested in the idea of the Solidarity Fund to contribute to funding the treatment of the oncological patients under 22 years. We signed a memorandum and became obliged to transfer a significant amount of money from our monthly salary to the account of the Solidarity Fund. The fund does its work at highly professional level, providing financial support to the patients with severe health problems. As a citizen of Georgia I want to express my gratitude towards the staff of the Fund, who are trying their best to alleviate the condition of the severely ill children and adults. I would also like to thank every member of the "Aversi" team who never leave such important initiatives without attention.

The Solidarity Fund of Georgia was founded on June 9, 2014, by Government resolution. It aims to mobilize non-budget resources with the involvement of the public, private sector and state to support socially vulnerable children and families who face the catastrophic health expenditures in Georgia. The Solidarity Fund was established upon consolidation of existing global knowledge in innovative financing mechanisms (UNITAID, Product (Red), Check-out-for-children, etc.) and national and regional solidarity foundations (e.g. EU, France, Switzerland, Germany).

"Aversi" is one of the first companies to support the idea. Company itself organizes a lot of social projects and annually spends more than a million Gel for charity. In 2013, employees of “Aversi” founded a fund called “Aversi for the People of Aversi”, which aims to mobilize money to help each other. Nowadays the fund has spent 357 000 Gel for the health of 104 employees of “Aversi” together with their families.

Every employee of “Aversi” shares the social policy of the company and actively participates in charitable activities. The motto of “Aversi” itself stands for caring about our health and peace of mind.