The employees of “Aversi” keep up the tradition

The employees of “Aversi” keep up the tradition

  • 2016-08-01

On July 30 “Aversi” held traditional rafting on Aragvi river. It’s already six years that employees of “Aversi” devote one special day to this sport. Founder of “Aversi”, Mr. Paata Kurtanidze believes that outdoor activities that allow the employees to relax and communicate outside the office are very important prerequisites of success. He thinks that such activities are necessary to make the personnel’s team spirit stronger. On this special day he himself spends time with his colleagues in the informal environment.

- It’s been several years now that “Aversi” holds rafting tournament for its employees. This is a very enjoyable event for all of us. On the one hand, this is an exciting sport, while on the other hand it’s a way of relaxation. Above all, we get to know the beautiful nature of our country… Obviously, this reflects our employees’ productivity.  On this day they feel relaxed, field with energy and are motivated to do their jobs with more dedication. Heath of the population is the main concern of “Aversi”. Promotion of healthy lifestyle is a key to achieving healthy population, so employees of “Aversi” should give this kind of example to other people. Healthy population is the main aim of this day – everyone can see how much joy you can get from the healthy lifestyle.

Head of Advertising and PR Department of “Aversi” Lali Bregvadze noted that “Aversi” gifted the company’s employees another pleasant day:

- Today was filled with joy and great atmosphere. Employees of “Aversi” showed remarkably strong team spirit. Each team fought till the end for the victory. I would like to thank Mr. Paata Kurtanidze as he gave us another opportunity to spend this day in the company of each other.

Irakli Purtseladze - General Director of “Aversi-Pharma”:

- Rafting has become a tradition for “Aversi”. Starting from boarding on the boats, ending with a delicious meal, everything, as always, was highly organized. I would like to thank all the people who took part in organizing this special day and also the rafting group, which organizes our annual tournament so perfectly. I think we have achieved our main goal – employees compete and get to know each other and as a result, this makes it easier for them to overcome the difficulties at work. Employees who love and understand each other are very important for the company.

Dimitri Jorbenadze – General Director of “Aversi-Clinic”:

- It’s the sixth year “Aversi” holds rafting tournament for its employees. Corporative events are no stranger for our company, but rafting stands out with its extreme, emotions and thirst for victory. All the employees are always looking forward to this day. I want to advise you to try rafting, go out in the nature as often as you can and most importantly – live a healthy lifestyle.

Lasha Bazadze – General Director of the K. Eristavi Experimental and Clinical Surgery National Center:

- Rafting tournament is a very pleasant event not only because the employees of Surgery National Center meet their colleagues of different fields in informal environment, but also because on this day, they get an opportunity to get a full rest, which is very important coming out from the doctor’s tense schedule. Doctors need to recover their physical as well as emotional state of mind. I would like to thank people, who organized today’s event and gave us opportunity to spend this day so nicely in active recreation mode.

It was a very emotional competition. Despite the experienced instructors controlling the situation, employees of “Aversi” still managed to splash their opponents to prevent them from finishing first. After the selfless struggle the winners were announced. “Aversi-clinic” took the fifth place, “Aversi” Magazine team of “Aversi-Pharma” took the fourth place, (it is worth mentioning that it was the only team composed of only women). Mr. Paata Kurtanidze’s team took the third place, the second team of “Aversi-Clinic” took the second place and the first to reach the finale was “Aversi-Rational” team.

The winners were awarded with excellent prizes: third place winners received a delicious champagne, second place winners were awarded with “Avesi” 20 Gel gift cads, and the winners received free voucher for the next rafting tour.

No less exciting was the “Cheerful Starts” competition, winner of which became the Surgery National Center team.

The day ended with delicious dinner and pleasant music, and the employees of “Aversi” started preparations for the next rafting.