Your Own Personal Pharmacy Shelf


Create Your Own Personal Pharmacy Shelf

Are you an owner of Aversi Mtredi Card? Still do not own your personal pharmacy shelf?

You no longer need to wait for the discount days, choose 10 medications to treat chronic diseases, place them on your personal pharmacy shelf and enjoy the biggest discount every day!

Customers of any age can participate in the project!

Each product can be placed on a personal pharmacy shelf for 1 month; You can then change the name of the product on the shelf with the new one form the list.


  • Heart medications;
  • Blood pressure medications;
  • Antithrombotic agents;
  • Cholesterol regulators;
  • Anti-diabetic medications;
  • Thyroid disease medications;
  • Chronic venous insufficiency medications;
  • Chronic respiratory disease medications;
  • Eye disease medications;
  • Chronic digestive disorder medications;
  • Rheumatic disease medications and others.

You can place 10 different names of face and body care, hygiene, as well as baby food and diapers from the exclusive brands of Aversi. Contact the pharmacist for more information.