Healthy skin is measured by its moisture content. The more hydrated your skin is, the more elastic, smooth and homogeneous it becomes!

Skin moisture content should be at least 80%, which is maintained by intensive skin care.

However, there are many environmental factors that put our skin under stress. Because of the harmful effects of the environment, the skin needs special care.

- Is there a possibility that the skin will be able to self-clean and regenerate exactly as the nature does?

-Yes, this is exactly what distinguishes Korean brand - Daymellow, which includes face and body care products:

• Facial lotion,

• Facial cleansing foam,

• Face Serum,

• Face cream,

• Facial masks,

• Body soothing gel.

Natural skincare that nourishes the skin with pure natural ingredients.

The evolution of packaging: As is well known, most cosmetic products are perishable to exposure to sunlight, air, and heat.

Because of these factors, the packaging of Daymellow products determines the high quality of its ingredients.