Aversi Mobile App

Aversi Mobile App

  • 2018-03-15

It happens that we are in urgent need of medication but are unable to go to the pharmacy. In such time we may ask our relatives for help, but they also might not be able to help.

Companies that take care of their customers' comfort will always find a way to solve the problem.

"Aversi" delivery service will be your reliable help.

Download "Aversi" Mobile Application and take advantage of the home delivery service. Order medications throughout Tbilisi by selecting the number of products, address and type of delivery: standard delivery - 24 hours or express delivery -2 hours.

If your purchase is under 20 GEL you will receive purchased products within 2 hours and pay transportation cost - 7 GEL.

In case of 20 to 100 GEL purchase you will receive your purchased products within 24 hours by free delivery or by express delivery and pay an additional 7 GEL.

If your purchase is above 100 GEL you’ll receive purchased products within 2 hours without additional transportation cost.

Make your life easier with “Aversi” delivery service.

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