Support for the Organization of People with Disabilities

Support for the Organization of People with Disabilities

The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” visited the Organization of People with Disabilities and provided medicines. Medicines are very important for disabled children for proper monitoring of diseases. A lot of people use medicines against convulsions and neuroleptics that are necessary for people with mental disorders. “Aversi” constantly assists to the organization “Support for Parents” and provides it with necessary medicines. The head of the organization Natia Kikvadze pointed out that the assistance from the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” is priceless:

-“I have a disabled child and that’s why I am very well aware of the problems faced by the families with disabled children. When I understood that the government wouldn’t help us, we decided that we had to care about our child ourselves. Thanks to the initiative group, our hard work, enthusiasm and sometimes sleepless nights, we founded the organization, where disabled children may learn and make friends. Later, upon the initiative of the government, the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs announced a tender for the financing of the day centre and since 2008 we have been supported by the government. Nowadays we receive vouchers for each child and this amount must be enough for rent payment and other expenses. Rent is very expensive and takes a lot of money from the children. We therefore wish the rent payment was financed. We need support from such organizations, as “Aversi” that help us and provide essential medicines. We are always well-prepared for their visit: children try to demonstrate their talents. They sing, dance, organize exhibitions for demonstrating their works. The aim of these exhibitions is not only to show that these children may do a lot of good, but also to ruin the wall built between our society and disabled people. I consider they may teach us, as they are very kind and warm people. The most important thing is that they need our support and there is no social class more vulnerable than this. We must help them to develop the abilities they have, so that in the future they won’t become a kind of encumbrance for the society. Besides, we must remember that a parent of a disabled child is also a member of a vulnerable social class- he can’t work and earn money, as all his energy and time is devoted to the child. We’d like thank the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” for the support, kindness and the example they provide to other companies. The head of the Charitable Fund of “Aversi” Mrs. Ketevan Nemsadze pointed out that the fund has always supported the organization “Parents Support” and this time provided essential medicines.

-“Every time visiting the organization, we are met by very talented and kind children. With our support we try to help them in overcoming everyday difficulties.”- pointed out Mrs. Ketevan.

The Charitable Fund of “Aversi” implements a lot of projects and will support more people in the future.